Superfoods and Potassium Toxicity, Are They Connected

A typical western meal includes vegetables as part of the menu. They make you healthy and keep you alive longer. So when the so-called Super Foods arrived most embraced them with enthusiasm. So it was with me and, being a gardener my vegetable patch sports most of them. Bok Choy, Kale, Spinach, and so forth.

In recent weeks something started within my body over which there was no control. Muscle soreness, tiredness, and dizziness with nausea were the main symptoms. Following a health problem last year it is essential to keep gym classes going but they became so hard to do that a break of over two months was required.

My doctor told me the dizziness came from loose stones in the ears. She prescribed leaning backwards over the edge of the bed and turning my head until it starts and then lifting it up and twisting it to the side.

That didn’t work! A Naturopath said the dizziness was coming from a shoulder injury while a Chiropractor, who is also a doctor, told me the same thing. So the symptoms went on and nothing improved.

One day after a little exercise in the garden my right arm seized with such pain I could barely move it. That was diagnosed as a frozen muscle and it took over 2 weeks to get better. The doctor prescribed Valium for relaxation at night as the pain kept me awake. Being allergic to drugs that advice was not followed.

As nothing medically helped it was the Spirit that provided the answer and subsequent healing. Desperate to get better and with a heartfelt request to know the cause it was a huge surprise when it pointed to the Bok Choy.

Without understanding its effect the Internet provided the answer. It has the highest amount of potassium of the super foods. Kale comes in second, with spinach a close third. Add to that almonds which was part of my staples.

Excess potassium creates hyperkalemia (‘potassium toxicity’). While essential for good health as it aids in prevention of heart disease, sugar diabetes, and kidney ailments, the reverse is true when present in excess. In other words, too much potassium damages these organs.

Symptoms include muscle soreness, nausea, tiredness, and sudden onset of dizziness, all of which were my symptoms. Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit of the Universe it is a great gift to be healed and that’s what happened. Now back to full strength the dizziness, nausea, tiredness and muscle soreness are gone. Instead of eating the super foods they are being given away to others who can eat them along with a warning of hyperkalemia.

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Saturated and Trans Fats and The Health Risks They Impose

Many hear about saturated and trans fats and that we should avoid them for good health but there is little public information as to what they really are. While it is easy to see how thy affect the body while putting down fat around our vital organs one must dig deeper to understand where they come from and why they are so bad. How much we have in our diet and how to avoid them is a vital part of staying fit and healthy.

Saturated fats are the easier to understand as they come from animal material. That beautiful grilled chop with its delicious adornment of fat is exactly what we are talking about. Many can’t resist the great taste of such a treat. Animals fats are also in milk and butter and consumption of these adds to the tally.

Cooking meat in such a way that the fats are rendered and thought removed by consumers is not necessarily the case. Fat gathers under the skin and within the meat and simply cutting such away does not remove it entirely. Marbled meat shows this condition.

Foods containing butter are also high in animal fats and include biscuits, cakes, buns, and pastries. The processing of such changes the nature of such to trans fat, which is a product of the baking and cooking process.

That raises the question of whether the favoured roast is also harmful? Well, it happens that it is. By the same process of using excessive heat to cook the food the trans fat emerges from the saturated animal fat that is often used to baste meat prepared in that manner.

Why are these fats harmful? Normal fat is dealt with by the special enzymes and other things within our digestive tract that prepare it for transport to where it should go. This will involve the liver and pancreas.

When fats are changed into trans fats more hydrogen atoms are added and the digestive process breaks down. Floating freely in the blood they are deposited around the organs, including blood vessels, and are responsible for hardening of arteries and blockages leading to heart attacks, strokes, and other things. Accumulation of such around the liver and pancreas can cause cancer of these organs.

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